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Lily Allium - ch 1
Warning: Gt Fluff, fluff, and more fluff! If you don't like, don't read. Also I am dyslexic and I wright to improve my spelling excreta and also for my own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others, so please no flames in those departments. The firetrucks will be called in response. Thank you!
Lily peeked out of the hole in the wall into the darkly lit room. Her light green eyes searching the large expanse inquisitively. A human male was sitting on a stool by the giant guest bed. He held his head in his hands and he was slumped over as if in despair. Quickly, she ducked back inside as the human muttered something to himself before standing up. She pressed herself against the wall as his big loud heavy footsteps shook the walls and made the floor rumble and creak under his heavy weight as he left the room. Knowing that she was now 'alone' she once more peeked back out to see what was going on. Unfortunatel
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If I could save time in a bottle! by BIackR0se If I could save time in a bottle! :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 3 0 Jeep 33! Jurasic park! by BIackR0se Jeep 33! Jurasic park! :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 4 0 Captian America! by BIackR0se Captian America! :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 1 0 Bulbasaur. by BIackR0se Bulbasaur. :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 2 3 My name is Matt.... by BIackR0se My name is Matt.... :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 0 0 Autobots! by BIackR0se Autobots! :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 3 0 Victorian Tardis! by BIackR0se Victorian Tardis! :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 3 6 Starscream and Megatron! by BIackR0se Starscream and Megatron! :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 1 0 There's no point in being grown up if you can't be by BIackR0se There's no point in being grown up if you can't be :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 2 0 Starscream! My firends cosplay~ by BIackR0se Starscream! My firends cosplay~ :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 1 0 Sonic Me by BIackR0se Sonic Me :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 4 3
two for one ch 6
This was going to be awesome! Miko thought as she bounced up and down in her seat eagerly. Her worries from today felt like they where flying away since Bulkhead had picked her up. Now she was eagerly doing something that she had though of as soon as she laid eyes on the bots. "Ready!... Set!" she exclaimed happy as she prepared for the drop. The strap around her chest suddenly pulled her back against the seat, restraining her movement. She struggled uselessly and felt quite annoyed as her results proved to be useless. Finally she gave up, crossed her arms in defiance. Not only could she barely move but now she couldn't even see the view out the windshield! "Bulkhead~!" She growled.
She felt the car shift as Bulkhead shuffled his wheals nervously, backing away from the edge slightly in the proses "Miko, I'm supposed to be protecting you...Not throwing you off a cliff!" He protested.
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Two for One ch 5
Miko jerked awake from something that was vibrating against her shirt. Picnicked, she scrambled away only to accidently fall off the bed in the process. Both her head and back hit the floor hard while her feet where left sticking up in the air against the side of her bed. "Owww." She moaned, slowly she got up and rubbed her head.
She grumbled to herself when recognized the sound of her phone vibrating. Glancing over at her clock, she blinked a few times as she tried to make out the numbers while she fumbled around in the mass of blankets for her phone. Her eyes widened 6:12 am! Whoever the heck was calling her better have a good excuse or she was going to hunt them down and make their life a living nightmare!
As soon as her hand touched the plastic case, she snatched up her phone up and flipped it open "I don't know who you are or where your from but if you don't have a vary good reason for calling me at six a clock in the morning! I will find you and I will kill you." She threatened a
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Mature content
Two for one Ch 4 :iconbiackr0se:BIackR0se 0 0
Two for one. Chp 3
Hay guys I know your going to think this is a repeat but its actually not. I had condensed two chapters into one when I posted this story and it was getting me confused when I posted it on Fanfiction. So anyway this is how the chapters are suppose to be so that they wont get me confused anymore. Also if you have read this than go to chapter 4 and everything will fall into place.
Anyway like I say if you want the better version go to fanfiction where Two for one is updated sooner and is usually written better,  sorry about the trouble.

When Jack, Miko, Raff, and Bulkhead walked back into the control room they paused in the doorway. The atmosphere of the room seemed vary tense. Arcee was standing in the corner, arms crossed, looking like she was ready to blow a fuse. Ratchet off to the side and was mumbling to himself while typing away on the keypad harshly. Bumblebee was fidgeting with some device looking like he wanted to say something but was unsure of what to say to
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Starcrossed || Twenty-Eight
"What the..." Kaye pulled herself out of the water, wrapping her towel around her. She exchanged concerned looks with Elise.
Their fears were multiplied into the range of disbelief when they walked up to the mouth of the cave and witnessed Jared pinning Sean to the cave floor with one hand, a needle-thin screwdriver in the other hand, aimed for his neck.
"Jared, get off him!" Kaye shrieked. She tried to get him up, but Jared shrugged her away. "Krivnex, you know we were only kidding about the trying to kill each other thing!?"
"I'm not killing him, I'm saving his life!" Jared shot back.
Sean twisted and squirmed as much as he could beneath the constricting weight of Jared's hand while Kaye and Elise watched in shock. He'd been struggling nonstop since the man had pried him away from the wall to pin him down, and his sore body protested mightily. But he still wouldn't give Jared a clear shot at the collar.
"D-don't mess with it!" he pleaded. "Even with the signal blocked it'll still go
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Titch :: Chapter 9
James bent down and brought his face close to Karyn's. She pressed herself to hold her ground. In a world this big, she had to grow a backbone. She felt her heart pounding fast against her ribcage. Suddenly, the monster opened his enormous mouth.
"Are you hungry?" he asked. Karyn almost fainted. James watched her turn white as a sheet. The girl looked as if she had just swallowed her own tong.
Karyn looked away and shook her head. "I-I'm not hungry." She murmured hugging herself tightly. James shrugged.
"Well I am. You don't mind if I eat, do you?" Karyn couldn't help the sharp intake of breath. She looked up at him with panicked eyes. James was confused for a few seconds, then realization dawned, and he laughed.
"Not you! Good Lord, no. You're all thin and gangly and would probably get stuck in my teeth. Besides, I'm fresh out of basil," he winked at her.
Karyn did not find this amusing.
She was appalled by his complete disregard for her fears. He was cracking bone-chilling jokes as i
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Adrian and Kanna - Desire by Obsess-Confess Adrian and Kanna - Desire :iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 44 4 TFAOE: Night Lights by ERA-7S TFAOE: Night Lights :iconera-7s:ERA-7S 39 4 TF2007: Through the forest by ERA-7S TF2007: Through the forest :iconera-7s:ERA-7S 46 3
Starcrossed || Five
A faint whir told Elise that a pod had arrived, and soon she felt the motion as Jared got in and sent it down the rails. She finally saw light again once he was seated and he took her out of his jacket. She blinked to see that he seemed to have dressed up a little. She felt the heat in her face, knowing she probably looked like a mess with her tired, puffy eyes that still leaked a few tears.
"J-Jared," she rasped, her voice still coming and going. "You'll get in trouble," she warned, her green eyes searching his face. He looked a little wired; probably from breaking in and taking off with a suspected spy. "Th-they'll put you in 'c-containment' too," she added, sounding scared to even say the word. Where could she possibly go to avoid it? Her ship was gone. Ambron would find her eventually. The thought made her hands quiver.
He stared down at her numbly as the reality sank in. He had never broken a law in his life, and all of a sudden he was public enemy number one. O
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God Sent an Angel by Shadowpunk45 God Sent an Angel :iconshadowpunk45:Shadowpunk45 35 6 Comission_Shicon by JinoSan Comission_Shicon :iconjinosan:JinoSan 348 51 Wallpaper_StarScream-Jazz by JinoSan Wallpaper_StarScream-Jazz :iconjinosan:JinoSan 431 51 Our best wishes SeaTF by JinoSan Our best wishes SeaTF :iconjinosan:JinoSan 187 30 TF - Guitar Hero Jazz by plantman-exe TF - Guitar Hero Jazz :iconplantman-exe:plantman-exe 201 18 Concept art of movie Jazz by Scream01 Concept art of movie Jazz :iconscream01:Scream01 163 24 Cops and Giant robbers! 3/3 by SuoGanDjinn Cops and Giant robbers! 3/3 :iconsuogandjinn:SuoGanDjinn 27 11
A Fire-Revealed Secret (g/t)
Throwing open the door, I leapt out of the truck. While other people set up the hydrant, I threw open a metal cabinet and grabbed a fire hose.
The house was set a blaze, flames reaching almost 30 feet into the sky.
Others, who filed out of the truck after me, snagged hoses as well.
Getting into position, they began to spray the pressured water back and forth. Trying to put out any flame they could reach.
I would be doing the same if it weren't for the fact that there was a victim inside.
Once I checked that my helmet and breathing apparatus were secure, I raced in, dragging the 100 pound tube with me.
Swiftly, I kicked the door in, not bothering to use an axe. As soon as I stepped through the doorway, I was engulfed in the sweltering heat. Even though my suit protected me from the fire, it didn't prevent me from sweating up a storm.
I felt my shirt start to cling under my suit as the moisture built up. It wasn't only the fire that caused it. No matter how many times I've done this, the
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Forest of Tides G/t Page 22 by Ayami6 Forest of Tides G/t Page 22 :iconayami6:Ayami6 88 18
Holding Collette: Chapter Three
Holding Collette:  Chapter Three
Several weeks went by and the two continued to text back and forth.  Dallas was nervous that by admitting he was lonely that the stranger would stop talking to him, but the following morning his heart was set at ease as he turned on his phone to see if Collette had texted him back.
I’m lonely too.  So much that I bet you couldn’t even understand.
He wanted to sing.  This girl…she hadn’t laughed at him or told him to cheer up.  For weeks, even days after his mother had passed so many of his friends had told him to get over it or understand that death is simply another part of life.  Like he didn’t know that.  But it was one thing to preach and listen, it was quite another to go through such a hardship.  Collette’s answer had pleasantly surprised him, and even his father had asked him, “what the hell are you smiling about?” when he saw him a few days later.
It was ama
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I'm literally crying. I've had this Gt story I've been working on for months every now and then and I was almost done. I was just finishing up and had to move my computer to plug it in and I dropped/clicked the mouse...The whole story's gone guys :'( just like that. And it was a GOOD one too. One of the best I've ever written... Goodbye Falling Stars. No one will ever know your greatness.


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Hi I'm blackrose, I am dyslexic and love making crafts. I sew, draw using pencils, and a little bit of clay. I'm a big reader even though I'm dyslexic. I'm always making new things and feel so blessed for being given such a great talent. I'm a big cosplayer and love going to anime conventions.


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